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decatube.com I bet you didn’t know most of these tricks! Now you’ll find out how to take best shots and selfies ever! Also learn how to make awesome DIY filters for your camera! 😉

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0:24 Alarm trick
1:07 Multiple person illusion
2:50 White sheet reflector
3:19 Water drop macro lens
7:33 Clean your screen
8:18 Cool phone case idea

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  1. What's the most helpful hack so far ladies? 🙂

  2. The cinema will not work logicaly

  3. 7:17 cant do that with my s10😿😿😿
    And i dont have case

  4. 0:27 das ist die zeit wo ich aufstehen muss🤣

  5. Y’all trynna make me run out of space😤

  6. If this video actually helps save my battery I will eat a sock (other than low power mode)

  7. sure wasting your phone battery in 50 minutes is a good tip

  8. 5 minutes hacks GIRLY
    0:51 tHiS pHoNe BeLoNgS tO JONH SMITH

  9. What is the name of glue that u have used here..?

  10. 3:05 how does a phone stand on its own

  11. 0:37 Its Adrien not Tom

    Like if u noticed that too

  12. You do know there are filters instead of cutting up leggings/tights, dont you?

  13. I got a tampon add before this lol

  14. Ok do they realize that the hack at 5:30 won’t charge bc there is literally no outlet😐

  15. A phone is a girly hack? YOU STUPID

  16. “Can’t find your charger?” shows charger WHAT THE HECK DO YA MEAN ITS RIGHT THERE DUMB DUMB

  17. Who else loves 5 min craft girly??
    ———-> (turn the arrow around

  18. اكو عرب بالطيارة 🤔؟

  19. App ki battery reverse charge hoti ha 8:50 PA khali thi aur 8:00 bajay full charge ho gai

  20. Imagine that trees would give us WiFi, we would be planting many trees…. Too bad they only produce the oxygen that we breath 😔😞😂😂😂

  21. 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡💵🤬

  22. FiNaLly SoMe OrIgInAl CoNtEnT
    (Atleast its not troom troom lmao)

  23. what about androids u always used apple

  24. In the balloon phone cover hack we cannot use camera without cutting thee balloon in the place of the camera who noticed that like and who didn't comment

  25. The bed or chair or anything you sitting or laying on it is lava

    Got ya

  26. Why do these people have such old phones??

  27. Really John Smith was the main character of breakthrough/the movie 🎥 0:52

  28. If it was crafts for girls y couldn’t u have said 5 minute girly crafts not 5 minute crafts girly DUMMYS THATS SMART RIGHT THERE

  29. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I just got click-bated,
    And you did too

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