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Video LifeHack – Shaving With Conditioner! #LifeHack + Laser Hair Removal Update! | BiancaReneeToday

decatube.com The BEST way to shave your legs! Ever since I started using conditioner to shave, I have gotten super smooth results. Exfoliating after also makes your skin really soft. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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Conditioner to use: ANY conditioner. This is what I do with all of the conditioners my hair doesn’t like, even if it has silicone. Feel free to try whatever you have in your bathroom!

Body Scrubs mentioned:
Camille Rose Naturals
Shea Moisture
Victoria’s Secret

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  1. My sister showed me your video so then I know how to shave correctly and I now love the aftermath of shaving

  2. Is any type of conditioner ok? Pls respond cause i get bullied for iti really wanna know how to get rid of it

  3. Aqua cream works just as well. There's also no funky ingredients and fragrances for those of us who have allergies or eczema or really sensitive skin.

  4. thicc thighs have left the chat

  5. My mom isn’t open about this stuff so I’m gonna shave myself

  6. i was so in love with the tub lol dang it

  7. That was real shimmer 😱😱😱🔥

  8. I can vouch for this hack, it works. BUT! No matter what, wash your legs with a wash cloth or loofa before the body scrub, and if you don't have a body scrub make sure you wash your legs a little rougher than usual. Conditioner clogs your pores pretty bad.

  9. Is there a way to DIY this coffee scrub?

  10. I use 1 pump of shampoo and one pump of conditioner, works great!

  11. I use "intimate" wash gel from the drugstore which costs less than 2 €. It has a different ph which leaves my skin smooth and less dry. Maybe once I run out of it again I might try conditioner but am wondering if it might irritate my skin…. under arms are not as sensitive but my legs deffo are and my moohmooh is like a delicate flower 😂

  12. Want to start off by saying I love everything about you! I started watching your videos a few months ago and you've taught me to take care of my hair and take care of myself. I've been feeling completely down for the past few weeks but hopefully this giveaway can give me some happiness. I adore everything you stand for and take very seriously your opinion on products. I hope you see this and I hope I can be that lucky winner! Much love❤
    IG: helenmnunez

  13. Now what to do with the sulfate shampoos???? 🧐

  14. I can’t remember a time I haven’t used conditioner. It’s amazing and beats some of the weird shaving creams they have

  15. I tried using conditioner to shave and I got rashes 😭 shaving cream is the one for me😅

  16. what if u have sensitive skin?

  17. where can you buy the keeva conditioner?

  18. Wow thanks sweetie ❤️

  19. Hi Bianca Renee
    Thank you for being an inspiration to the Curly girl in South Africa.
    I am such a FAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Put nair on your wet legs and wait like 2 minutes and then shave!! It works sooo well and doesn’t burn my skin like using nair alone does

  21. This has been my go to hack for years! I have never once used shaving cream, I've always used conditioner. Nowadays I've been using coconut oil, works just as well. Aloe vera gel is also a good option.

  22. I have always used conditioner to shave. Not only do I get a good close shave, but my leg hair has never gotten darker or courser over the years (and I’m over 30).

  23. i use coconut oil to shave and as lotion

  24. I've never had a better shaving cream than with my conditioner. Seriously a life hack all should know

  25. I never even thought to use conditioner, im going to try this for sure! I have so many products that I dont use anymore . What a great way to use them!

  26. I’ve always used conditioner to shave, it’s amazing! Also, definitely going to get that Plush body scrub 😍 great video as always

  27. i’m really about to do this thanks for all your helpful tips

  28. I would never use DevaCurl to shave my legs. It cost too much

  29. I use shampoo… anybody notice a difference??

  30. So i tried this today and GUUURRRLLLL!!!! 😭😭❤️THIS WAS THE BEST HACK EVER!!!❤️😩 I'm telling all of my coworkers tomorrow!

  31. What did you do different with your hair in this video? It's really cute!

  32. Omg yes! I have been using conditioner since I was in high school! It’s one of my favorites when it comes to shaving! I’m allergic to everything under the sun so I was never really bold enough to be trying all different kinds of shaving creams and stuff! This is awesome! I definitely really wanna get that Camille rose body scrub! I love body scrubs😍😍😍😍😍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. I used to do this & for some reason I stopped. You really can tell the difference

  34. I've been doing this for forever who needs shaving cream?

  35. I think you've mentioned before that you shave with conditioner because that's why I started and it even eliminates hair bumps that I use to get when I shave with shaving cream!!

  36. I did this yesterday and it helped with the winter dryness that make my skin look all scaly

  37. Omg I’ve tried this and it’s so true it left my legs soooooo soft …shaving cream who?? 😆

  38. Great way to use the no good conditioners!!

  39. Do u get razor irritation( bumps) when shaving with conditioner?

  40. I do the same and I have to agree with you about using conditioners with silicones! Lmfao I never even put the two together until you said it ! One time I had to use my shea moisture conditioner because I didnt have anything else and it wasn't as good as when I use the regular degular conditioners that I refuse to use on my hair lmao it makes such a difference !! 🤣🤣🤣

  41. I do it sometimes!

  42. Wow I'm so surprised how many others have NOT done this before. I've been using conditioner and body wash for shaving since I began shaving. I've always thought shaving gels are a scam!

  43. Exfoliating and shaving is soo hard In these small dorm showers 😭😭. This conditioner hack works really well too bc conditioner is definitely cheaper then shaving cream on this college student budget 🤣🤣

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