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Video LifeHack – Tera Console 101: Beginner Guide with Tips and Trick + Leveling + More!

decatube.com Thank you so much for the love and support lately it helped me a lot to continue creating content. Now since the game is released I am going to be more active with guide, tips and trick + More Tera videos. Let me know down below what would you love me talking about next time.

Know your class – 0:40
Feed Your Pet – 1:34
FeedStacks and Enchanting – 2:56
Button Mapping – 4:26
Gathering – 5:38
Leveling Up + Vanguard Request – 6:49
Gold – 9:04
Level 60 to 65 GRIND – 9:48
Texting Apps on Your Phone for ps4 – 11:12
Conclusion – 12:19

Tera on Console for Ps4 and Xbox One Beginner Guide to help you get started playing Tera properly so you can attain the end game with advantage.

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  1. Best advice ever given: tank if you’re a tank, dps if you’re a dps, heal if you’re a healer. 11/10

  2. Thanks so much man. Very helpful

  3. Info is good it’s just hard to hear you and understand when you talk. Besides that it’s fine.

  4. Helpful guide got a nub like me, thanks yo!

  5. You must have a keyboard on your console, because those movements are the W,D to go right at a 45°. Doesnt look like controller movements to me… just wondering. Because i didnt know you could hook up a keyboard to consoles.

  6. this game is so much simpler than other MMOs

  7. Just downloaded ultimate founders pack uploading content tonight

  8. Is this game on consoles yet, Someone told me it was.

  9. Why are there so many bad tanks? Like I went through three dungeons with some and all of them kept wiping. I main a tank it was like they thought they were gods but were really getting one shot

  10. Good video. I'd really like to see a good general play tips video if you're interested.
    1. Brawlers: stop punching enemies out of AoE dmg for the love of god. Your enemy movement skills are for grouping into them, not out.
    2. Tanks: You need to pick up motes if you can't counter or block. Mystics can't keep you healed and a lot won't res you and potentially lose another party member because you want to mindlessly facetank with no potions.
    2a. Draw aggro at all times unless you need to heal up to draw more aggro. Even then, it's important to learn to kite while healing.
    3. Healers: Buff/debuff before/start of fight, then heal, then heal, then heal. Refresh buff/debuff if everyone's topped. Then heal more.

  11. Hey man, like the videos and this one helped me alot!
    I do some photoshop and willing to help ya if you need! Hit me up on Twitter @VuduOMFG

  12. Looking forward to seeing your end game guide very soon.

  13. Hi can you make a video about armor thanks

  14. Hi how did you get your armor

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